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Selma, Shinta & Fatma


After graduating in political science, she is currently on parental leave and taking care of her two children (in the age of 2 years + 4 months). Beside that she writes as a freelancer for Islamiq among others – something she really enjoys as she can express her opinion on various hot topics. She would love to see more inclusion and a normalization of diversity: “A hijabi TV anchor for example would be great!”


The 25-years old Shinta of Chinese, Javanese, and Arab descent came from Indonesia to study geographical information system in Frankfurt am Main. She can speak English, German, Indonesian and Javanese. Furthermore, she likes traveling and discovering new places. You can see the world through her eyes on her very well curated Instagram page @shintakwee.



The mother of two came form Eritrea to Germany in 2000. She also lived in Ethiopia and China where she experienced to be considered as even more awkward than here in Germany. The self-confident 40- years old enjoyed being in front of the camera. “It felt like being a real model”… something she definitely enjoyed.



Currently finishing her bachelor’s degree in graphic design, Sura is normally used to be behind the camera. She is the visual mastermind of this campaign and was even ready to step in front. She worked already on various interesting projects such as the Basma E-Book. Being the only hijabi in her uni she often feels that all eyes are on her when it comes to these typical topics – we all know about.