The Brand


conscious, chic & cosmopolitan


“This is it? Did I wait my whole life to become a hijabi to wear the rest of it polyester?” These were the thoughts of the Creative Director & Founder of Zamzam Zalila when she looked for modest fashion. Beside the quality she also missed hijab friendly clothing that embody a cosmopolitan flair – suitable for the working environment – and that are produced under fair conditions. So, the idea was born: Zamzam Zalila - a conscious chic RTW line.

Since then, many things happened:

February 2016                   Foundation of Zamzam Zalila

May 2016                          Modest Fashion Week in Istanbul/Turkey

August 2016                      International Modest Fashion & Design Festival in Toronto/Canada

October 2016                     Islamic Lifestyle and Fashion Show Zurich/Switzerland

                                        International Islamic Fair Jakarta/Indonesia

Juni 2017                          "Expectations vs You" Video

November 2017                 Workshop about “Muslim identity in the working world”, RAJR -Geneva/Switzerland

                                        Push Talk about „Hijab and career”, Iman Zentrum, Darmstadt/Germany

May 2018                          Push talk about “Hijab and career”, Abu Bakr Mesjid - Frankfurt/Germany


The mother of three/fashion editor for Basma Magazine/full-time Sales Development Executive for an airline doesn’t believe in pigeon holes, but in the fact that you should be allowed to play multiple roles in life and not be forced into one stereotype. Empowerment is hereby the key: Zamzam Zalila is there to celebrate feminity and make women feel comfortable everywhere they step out. You should have the right to become the best version of yourself you decide to be. Even though, people tell you that it`s not possible …because impossible looks so good on you!